Septic Pumping

The septic tank is your first line of defense for protecting your investment. The septic tanks function is to provide natural biological breakdown and settlement of the sewerage. This allows for the separation of solids and suspended solids, reducing the levels of contaminants / solids entering the leach field possibly causing blockage or failure.

It is imperative to regularly maintain your septic tank to reduce your risk of expensive sewerage backups or worse system failure.

Allowing PureFlo professionals to properly clean your septic tank regularly reduces your risk and gives the opportunity to identify any potential problems and address these issues before they become unmanageable.

Our 3 Step Maintenance Program allows your septic system to maintain its proper working condition.

Step 1: Regular Septic Service
It is our recommendation to pump septic tank annually; the cost of service is relatively inexpensive compared to the exposure to the risk of system failures.

There is value in the old saying “pay now or PAY LATER”

Step 2: Bacterial Additive Products
The bacteria in your septic tank play an important role in order to break down any organic solids. Because we use a great deal of soaps and detergents in our daily lives, they are present in septic systems. While they may do a great job of killing unwanted germs and bacteria in our homes, they also kill the bacteria that are beneficial to keeping your system functioning properly. Although over the counter solutions exist, they are not formulated to meet the needs of today’s septic systems.

Step 3: Septic System Filter
Some septic tanks are installed with a septic filter. If you have a system that contains one of these filters, it should be cleaned at every regular septic pumping. If your system does not currently have a filter, we suggest that one be installed. This filter plays an important role by filtering out hair, grime and large particles that have hot yet broken down in your tank from reaching your leach field lines. If there is no outlet to install a system filter, steps 1 and 2 become even more important to maintaining proper function.

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